Charcoal Bedding Set[INQ. NO. 1706C16] Francozarri Charcoal Bedding Set, produced by LOHASN Co., Ltd., is new-concept functional bedding made by using unique patented technologies including non-adhesive natural activated carbon pads and special ceramic coating. It is effective for treating allergies as well as improving physical function and inducing sleep. Francozarri Charcoal Bedding Set was originally developed with natural activated carbon, and 99% of its function is retained even after washing 50 times by using ceramic coating technology. The spa effect through natural energy helps relieve stress and fatigue. Far-infrared rays from natural minerals help to maintain regular sleep patterns to have enough sleep as well as keep an optimal biorhythm. VOCs (carcinogens caused by sick house syndrome, such as benzene, toluene, and acetaldehyde), can be removed by as much as 99.9% to prevent atopic and respiratory diseases.
Coconut activated charcoal is stronger and durable than charcoal made from other materials, thereby preserving the clean condition and sustainable energy effect. The coconut-activated charcoal of LOHASN is a high-quality charcoal that is used as a water purifier filter. It features a surface area of up to five times that of ordinary charcoal and an excellent anion emission of 2,000 ion/cc. It also has the effect of eliminating bacteria, house dust mites, and ticks as well as rapidly absorbing sweat.
In addition, its stone therapy effect lets the far-infrared energy of the warm waves penetrate deeply into the body to strengthen the immune system and the body regeneration ability, thereby activating the cell production by providing heat. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods