Eco-friendly Pesticides[INQ. NO. 1706C19] BUGSZONE Co., Ltd. started out as a distribution company in 2015 and developed into a manufacturer of insecticides in 2016. It produces environment- friendly pesticides including mosquito larvicide and repellents, mainly for government sections and public health centers in Korea. The company’s product range is expanding various insecticides and rodenticides, etc.
The main product, BUGSZONE Power Gel, comprising of Hydramethylnon 2% gel has proven its efficacy for exterminating German cockroaches and American cockroaches with excellent chain killing effect.

The BUGSZONE Fipro gel, comprising Fipronil 0.05% gel is a cockroach gel bait with fast insecticidal property and has excellent domino-killing effect for cockroaches at every growth stage and even those barely visible. The growth and the company’s reputation in the markets have been achieved through an un-answering commitment to offer quality products at a competitive price and satisfactory customer service. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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