Freeze-dried Fruit Chips[INQ. NO. 1706C14] Starting as a manufacturer of infants’ formulas by using its freeze-drying facility since 2003, TrooNature Co., Ltd. is currently producing fruit and vegetable products made by the freeze-drying method to respond to customer requirements. It continuously seeks to produce new products by experimenting with food toll processing (freeze drying) in various forms.
TROO, produced by TrooNature, is a freeze-dried snack-type fruit-chip product made from 100% domestic fruits with no additives or preservatives. TROO is produced by rapid freeze-drying at temperatures below -40 degrees C. This method is more expensive than hot-air drying, but it ensures the excellent preservation of nutrients and long-term storage without adding additives and preservatives.
Fresh fruits are sliced and freeze-dried to keep nutrients and vitamins intact. Small pieces can safely be eaten by infants and even children who are reluctant to eat fruits can get acquainted with fruits easily. TROO consists of nine fruit chips – apple, banana, strawberry, pear, pineapple, fig, blueberry, plum, and mango.
TROO is an ideal snack for office people, kids snacks, and can be enjoyed along with yogurt, cereal, ice cream and so forth. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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