Herbal Nutrition Supplements for Pets

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1706C20] There is an upsurge of people around the world living with pets. Just as humans need various nutrients to stay healthy, so also do pets need to be fed essential nutrients. LOVEHEALT manufactures nutrition supplements for pets. Since most pets are carnivorous, Lovehealth has mainly focused on using antler as an ingredient, which is a well-known animal material used for medicine.
The herbal extract produced by using the fermentation technique increases the active ingredient five-fold. The fermentation technique applied to Haroo-Hanchop improves digestion and absorption by dogs while minimizing side effects such as diarrhea that can be commonly caused by herbal medicine. The company adopted in-depth veterinary research in addition to the fermentation technology that has been advanced for 15 years.
Haroo-Hanchop is a healthy and safe herbal medicine for pets. It uses essential nutrients along with a special method of fermenting antler herb, an animal herbal material, to provide pets with essential nutrients easily and effectively.

Its main ingredients include fermented antler, red ginseng, Angelica, Sansuyu, a sweet and sour red fruit.

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