New-Concept Smartphone Holder & Head-Up Display[INQ. NO. 1706C24] While driving, the lights that pass through the glass or plastic window of the car are reflected on both sides of the windshield, causing the driver to see two overlapping images reflected on both sides in slightly diff erent positions. This is called “ghost imaging” and is commonly seen on Heads-Up Displays.
SMARTiHUD is a simple car accessory that converts a smartphone to a HUD (Heads-Up Display). It facilitates safer and more comfortable driving than the built-in or mounted navigations. Its transparent glass allows the driver to see the reflected information clearly while driving with its height adjustable to the position of the driver.
To overcome the issue of ghost images, its upper and lower HUD lenses are specially designed in diff erent thicknesses allowing the driver to see clear and vivid images without any distraction or confusion. SMARTiHUD is suitable for all vehicle types.

The double image suppression (Ghost-free technology) is the company’s key technology and is already widely used in the latest model automobiles. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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