Red Ginseng, Coffee & Beverages[INQ. NO. 1706C11] Since its founding in 1981, Taewoong Food Co., Ltd. has developed and manufactured various functional foods, and tonic products, traditional Oriental medicine, and red ginseng materials. It has not only made its own-brand products, but also OEM ODM products. Based on the naturalistic philosophy, with the slogan “close to nature,” Taewoong Food has produced red ginseng, other ginseng products, as well as beverages and coffee.
Recognized by the Korea Industrial Technology Association, Taewoong Food has established its own company-affiliated research and development institute in order to produce healthful and reliable products. Its products have been manufactured in safe and state-of-the-art facilities complying with GMP, ISO9001 and HACCP certifications.
Taewoong Food now has various own brands such as 6 Years Whole Heart, a six-year-old red ginseng brand, TW DOCTOR, a healthful functional food brand, TW CAFÉ, a coffee brand, TW CAFÉ GREEN, 100% organic brand, and Chang’s Cook, a sauce and seasoning brand. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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