The World’s First Ceramic Heat-Resistant Pots[INQ. NO. 1706C17] Did you know you were eating detergents and food wastes?
When you heat your existing heat-resistant ceramic cookware on empty, you will discover detergents and food particles forming. It is because detergents and food wastes seep through micro pores and cracks. Conventional crack and heat resistant ceramic cookwares with black or dark stains mean they are contaminated. These darkened food wastes along with absorbed detergents seep out during cooking your next meal, which will adversely affect your health. Very White by Camel has less than 0.1% absorption rate and is made in white so that you can visibly detect no detergent or food waste seeped through.
CAMEL has been developing non-absorbing heat-resistant ceramic materials, non-cracking glazes, and magnetic induction coatings for using induction for many years and has successfully created a ground-breaking induction cookware made from ceramic instead of metal as a cooking vessel in induction. CAMEL has applied its unique coefficient thermal expansion technology to eliminate pollutants and pores, and to prevent fine cracks and absorption.
This Dreamware is one of a kind with absolutely no pores or cracks. Made of pure natural minerals, it is free of Pb(Plumbum), Cd(Cadmium), and As(Arsenic) thereby promoting a holistic, healthy and tasty way to cook. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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