Total Optics Service & Systems for Various Industries[INQ. NO. 1706C26] Green Optics is a corporation with a new approach to optics service ranging from the optical and lighting design to actual parts manufacturing and optical system evaluation.
Based on the ability to manufacture optics-related items, Green Optics Corporation has established a firm foundation in the field of semiconductors and flat panel display, and is currently expanding its scope of business to energy and bio-related fields – the core element in the next–generation optics industry.
In order to achieve these goals, Green Optics Corporation is participating in the artifi cial satellite solar battery optics module consortium as well as operating interdepartmental Task Force Teams (TFT) to develop microscopes and observation systems for everyday use.

In order to advance into overseas markets and compete on an international level, Green Optics has established collaborative partnerships with companies in America, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia, and the young talented employees of ‘GO’ continue to exert their utmost eff orts to realize the ‘Green’ dream over the entire globe. Its products include mirrors (Laser Mirror, Metal Mirror, Dielectric Mirror), Laser line Beam windows, and prisms (PBS Prism, NPBS Prism, Right angle Prism, Optical Contacted Prism, X-Cube Prism, Dove Prism) | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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