Fresh Flavored Tea Products[INQ. NO. 1706C30] Established in 1980, Da Jung Co., Ltd. manutactures, distributes, and exports Korean tea products to over 25 overseas markets including the USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ukraine, and France.
With ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 22000 certifications, the company launched its own brand, DAMIZLE. Its product lines include liquid fruit teas, liquid tea, traditional teas, and powdered teas as well as its private brands supplied to superstores nationwide.
The refreshing Tea&Ade series was created by a professional tea sommelier. Other products include Sweet Pumpkin and Yam Tea, Korean raditional Yam Ade, Walnut, Almond, Adlay Tea, Ten Cereal Mix Powder Tea, Red Date Tea, Ginger Tea, Herb-tonic Tea, Red Ginseng Honey Herb-tonic Tea, Honey Citron Tea, Honey Ginger Tea, Honey Cranberry Quince Tea, Peach Black Tea, Brown Rice Green Tea, Polygonatum Tea, and Corn Silk Tea, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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