Innovative Belly Massage Belt[INQ. NO. 1706C39] Baessaldoduk, produced by Saengginara, can take care of various ailments such as obesity, gynopathic diseases, insomnia, and menstrual cramps. Just by wearing it promotes bowel movement through its simultaneous moxibustion, thermotherapy, acupuncture, and massaging effects.
Unlike other massagers that consume more than 30 watts of electricity, this ultra-low power device consumes average power of 20 watts. Using a patented Red Quills tungsten heater lamp, the emissivity of ultraviolet and visible light is significantly lowered with minimal power, whereas that of infrared rays is increased. And by using technology to compare and analyze noise patterns, the load on the power transmission unit from the motor to the ignition coil and the friction noise of the massage rod is reduced resulting in an increase of the RPM.
Through patented technology based on a new concept of a central axis movement massaging method, it offers the experience of a combination of thermotherapy and acupuncture.
The six built-in red clay ceramic rods provide a feeling of meridian massage normally available only at a professional massage parlor. Unlike commonly used treatments that provide nothing but heat, it generates optimal far-infrared rays that penetrate to the inside of the body by using a red quartz tungsten lamp based on the same principle as meridian heat therapy. Hemoglobin regenerated in the magneto system adds the same effect as aerobic exercise through concentration of oxygen in the body.
Developed based entirely on the principles of the traditional herbal diet, Baessaldoduk maximizes infrared emission more than farinfrared rays from mugwort. Meanwhile, the massage intensity and moxibustion temperature can be adjusted to three levels
By adopting a newly developed “Center Axis Shifting Method,” it has high durability and by adopting a patented structural design, noise is minimized and overheating is automatically controlled. It is equipped with a far-infrared heater lamp, a comfortable, high-quality belt, and a ceramic heat massage bar. The main body is fitted with a magnet for therapeutic purposes. Baessaldoduk has a slim and elegant design and can be used for all areas of the body | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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