Traditional Korean Fermented Herbal Tea[INQ. NO. 1706C32] IDO™ is a joint-venture company of Key-Chongsan Botanical Garden and IDO™ Oriental Medicine Clinic, and also an agricultural association corporation of a producer of medicinal herbs. IDO™ products are produced through traditional fermentation manufacturing process using a traditional and scientific control system. is the herbal tea products are exported to Denmark, France, the USA, Canada, and Australia, as well as countries familiar with herbal medicine such as Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong.
In Korean, IDO means “Right Way,“ Wise Direction,” or “The Better Way,” for a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy life. IDO™ Tea was born in 2007 following years of research and development by the IDO™ Korean Oriental Research Clinic founded by a highly respected herb specialist and an Oriental wellness practitioner with more than 17 years of experience. IDO™ has worked and collaborated with many research institutes in the area of fermentation, and development of fermented teas. IDO™ actively conducts lectures, seminars, and many other collaborative works with local colleges and universities.
IDO™’s manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified and is located in the beautiful west coast of South Korea in the city of Pohang. IDO™ holds many international certifications and awards from various countries, including HALAL foods (GHTC, Global Halal Trade Center)., NON-GMO. IDO™ products are also USDA Certified (NOP Certified) for the organic product line.
Its products include Relief Tea, Enamor Tea, Goodnight Tea, Light Tea, Breathing Tea, and Willowy Tea. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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