Contemporary Designer Denim Brand[INQ. NO. 1707C19] ABRAHAM K HANGUL is a Korean premium fashion brand founded by designer Abe Kwon. Based on the concepts of Deconstructivism and Minimalism, the brand seeks to manifest the beauty from a whole new perspective and the spirit of coexistence through reorganizing and rearranging the originality, ideology, and essence of a subject.
The FW17 Collection of ABRAHAM K HANGUL is inspired by the ancient architecture and artifacts of the Middle East and South Korea, featuring a multitude of interesting yet outstanding designs and repeated patterns.

In the process of rearranging the free curves and exquisitely repeated patterns inspired by ancient artifacts and incorporating them into various objects, ABRAHAM K HANGUL presents its own deconstructive expressions and minimalistic silhouettes through embroidery and design pattern restructuring in the FW 2017 collection. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods