Hair Care Products Containing Golden Silk Sericin[INQ. NO. 1707C11] The OTREE brand produced by HEALIAN Co., Ltd. consisting of shampoo, conditioner, hair essence, toner soap, etc. contains a lot of amino acids from Golden Silk Sericin, which provides protein and nutrition to the hair and improves the elasticity and smoothness of the hair. In addition, the herbal extract containing nitric oxide is effective for improving the blood circulation of the scalp and the hair roots, thereby contributing to the prevention of hair loss or scalp disease, and sterilization of harmful pathogens. Ten different types of herbal materials are used to improve hair texture and hair growth as well.
Since the components of a silkworm cocoon are similar to human skin (NMF natural moisturizing factor), it is a fine natural material for the skin. Golden Silk sericin contains more amount of essential amino acids than regular Sericin.

HEALA shampoo, produced by adopting the Synchronized Nitrogen Oxide Active Minerals Extract System (SNOIOMEX), promotes blood circulation in the scalp and hair roots. With the nutrition of Oriental herbal ingredients providing strength and moisture to the hair, it is also effective in hair loss prevention and promoting hair growth. Extracts from complex herbal materials obtained by using a nitric oxide generator are rich in activated organic ion minerals. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods