Natural Skin Care Products[INQ. NO. 1707C01] BEST SOLUTION Co., Ltd. is a company that provides specialized beauty total solutions covering all the services including product planning, R&D, manufacturing, and distribution for all kinds of beauty products for skin, body, hair, and makeup as well as quasi-drugs.
Its own brand, VISPERA is a natural skin care product developed in pursuit of harmony between man and nature. “VISPERA” is a compound word of “Vida” meaning “life” and “Esperar” meaning “to wait” in Spanish. It encapsulates the vitality and energy of Nature.
Hydrating Wine Serum, one of the representative products of VISEPRA, contains fermented wine extract which provides moisture and relieves the skin instantly, and ten patented natural ingredients help one to have healthier skin.
‘PC (ProCare) Balm’ is a balm-type ultra-moisturizing cream for all ages, all skin types, and also all body parts, including the face. Sea Buckthorn oil prevents the skin from drying up so it reduces dryness. It contains no ingredients that can irritate the skin such as Paraben, mineral oils, or artificial pigments, so one can use it safely for sensitive skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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