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http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1707C23] Joseph Ahn is a womenswear brand that blends unisex beauty with urban artistry. Under the brand concept of ‘Mannish Chic, Urban Chic,’ it pursues bold silhouettes and linear features, structural soft avant-garde, as well as emphasizing femininity. Currently operating stores in Asian countries including Hong Kong and China, the company is planning to gradually expand its business into Europe.
Based on structural and architectural interpretation, Joseph Ahn expresses holistic identity with feminine curves added, while seeking to present practical apparel. Architectural aesthetics, originality, and sense of space are blended in each item.

In particular, tailored suits with a distinctive architectural design that is unique to the brand are mixed with denim, giving a new and different feeling. The jacket has a classic yet chic appeal with white stitching.

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