Reborning as a Hands-On Experiential Event!

Jinju International Agriculture & Food Expo Korea (AGREX & FOOD KOREA) will be held from November 11 to 19, 2017 at Jinju Stadium and MBC Convention Jinju featuring Korea’s quality agricultural products and creative agricultural machinery. The exhibition items include agricultural machinery, agricultural products, foodstuffs, facility agriculture, animal husbandry, and other agricultural services.

About 250 companies and organizations from 20 countries are expected to participate in AGREX & FOOD KOREA 2017 with 500 booths installed in the 10,000 m² venue under themes including an advanced agricultural machinery zone, a foreign trade zone, advanced agricultural life convergence information and communication technology exhibition, green food zone, 6th industry zone, Livestock experience zone, etc., In particular, the exhibition period this year will be extended from five days to nine days in order to promote the participation of visitors and domestic and foreign companies.

AGREX & FOOD KOREA has been playing a major role in scientification and industrialization of agriculture by applying cutting-edge science to agriculture and adding the exhibition and experience in the field of food and livestock. Up to date, 1,658 companies have exhibited in 3,490 booths, making it the largest agricultural fair in Korea.

This exhibition has contributed greatly to promoting understanding of the reality that agriculture is experiencing difficulties due to unstable prices of agricultural products and rice price decline, as the direction of event operation was successfully shifted into an experience-oriented exhibition such as showcasing high-tech agricultural technologies and experiencing farms in the urban center.

This year the organizers, Gyeongsangnam-do Province and Jinju City, will present the cutting-edge farm machinery zone with exhibitors who seek to expand their portfolios ranging from general grass cutting machines to high-priced tractors, robot farming machines and drones for farming to provide practical help to farmers.


The Green Food Center and the 6th Industry Center will consist of the local food sales for producers and consumers to meet, the 6th industry zone that presents the smart agriculture and the direction of agriculture’s future, and the agricultural specialty products booths with participation by the cities and counties in Gyeongsangnam-do and South coastal regions. The fair will also provide an opportunity to showcase the excellence of domestic crops by exhibiting subtropical crops in preparation for future climate change, crop, varieties of crops, the world’s top 10 super foods, insects as future food, and endless transformation of rice products, as well as an educational opportunity for visitors to experience the growth of crops and processed foods.

The Livestock Experience Zone will be an open fair with participation by local farmers’ organizations such as the Hanwoo Association, the Korea Pork Producers Association, the Korea Dairy & Beef Farmers Association, and the Korea Poultry Association that will run various programs. Special events will include a pet industry expo and pet festival in line with the rapidly growing pet market in advanced countries and various other events.

AGREX & FOOD KOREA 2017 will be the largest comprehensive fair in Korea when it comes to the agricultural industry by displaying, selling, and promoting agricultural products, forest products, processed goods, distribution and logistics, services, agricultural equipment, and bio energy crops. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods