Handmade Korea Summer 2017


Handmade Korea, Bringing Together Art and Everyday Life

The 8th Handmade Korea Summer will be held from July 20 to 23, 2017 at COEX, Seoul. Handarty Co Ltd., Korea’s first handmade event organizer, held its first handmade fair in 2011, growing more than 20% annually. Handmade Korea, which started off with 210 booths for 173 participants in 2011, has grown into 770 booths for 600 exhibitors this year. It is the only handmade trade fair in Korea, growing in tandem with the handmade industry.
The 8th Handmade Korea Summer presents a strengthened Premium Zone which was introduced from 2016 in line with the growth of domestic handmade artists. Under the theme of Living & Lifestyle, a variety of handmade brands such as shoes, clothing, and accessories will be showcased.
The Art Edition Town, a new section featured this year, is composed of art products such as paintings, prints, and 3D crafts, and will be displaying paintings and sculptures that were hardly affordable for the general public by rearranging them into product lines and prices serving the public’s needs. It is also worth noting that this year, a special exhibition will be held showcasing the works of 70 artists from 12 countries. From Italian handmade craftsmen with two centuries’ tradition to artifacts and handmade products from Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, India, Turkey, Taiwan, England, Nepal, and Uzbekistan will come together. In the experiential zone, a popular section of this exhibition, more than 20 diverse experience programs including miniature making, leather craft, and quilting craft will be available, so that visitors can feel the fun of handcrafting.
The 8th Handmade Korea Summer will present the Sowing Design Festival and the Book Art Fair at the same time. Bringing together the best sowing related companies in Korea, the Sowing Design Festival focuses on workshop start-ups and re-employment of women whose careers have been cut off. It is also a place where visitors can encounter the works of artists created using a sewing machine as well as auxiliary materials, fabrics, sewing machines, and various DIY products.
Brother Sowing Factory, one of the exhibitors, will introduce Tilda Cafe with Lee Hyojae who was the honorary ambassador in the 2012 fair, showcasing Tilda fabric. In the booth where NCC, Simple Sewing, Fashion Start and Quilting Star will participate, photo zones will be prepared with sewing works created based on the Anne of Green Gables concept. One can also enjoy the accompanying exhibit Love and Quilt, Nit Love, and Blend’s special exhibition. In addition, for those who aspire to open a workshop, the Workshop Start-Up Zone will provide opportunities for consultations and showcasing works.

In the Book Art Fair there will be a special exhibition featuring works from the Nami Island World Book Festival and an open library of the Children’s Museum of Art can be found in an exhibition inside the exhibition. Furthermore, visitors can view more than 70 illustrated books and books by famous artists and publishers who are involved in art book-related businesses.

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