Microprismatic Reflective Materials

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1707C30] Star-Reflex Co., Ltd. is a company that manufacturers Micro Prismatic Retro-reflective materials and reflective applications and labels, logos, and heat transfer sheets. The company supplies reflective tapes for the Korean police’s multi-functional vests, for the Malaysian police’s raincoats (PDRM), and for Fedex’s workwear. Satisfying the quality standard of ISO20471 level 2, ANSI 107, REACH, Phthalate free, and RoHS, Star-Reflex also provides Decathlon, one of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers, and Benetton with heat transfer logos of Btwin, Marmot, Event, and Patagonia as well as Maxport as a vendor.
Various kinds of digitally printable materials are available for a wide variety of applications. Using Reflomax’s materials, one can get more dazzling color effects just by the normal digital printing as well as energy and cost-saving.

The product range includes compliant tapes for virtually any use such as workwear and firefighters’ gear, as well as non-compliant applications for fashion brands and even luxury items. Star-Reflex offers products using both microprism and glass bead technologies on a variety of substrates and backings, rolls, and tapes of varying lengths and widths. Its unique and fashionable materials with reflective effects are available for any purposes such as shoes, safety wear, rain wear, M/C jacket, garments, backpacks, pet wear, gloves and bags, etc.

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