Waterproof Adhesives & Epoxy Resin

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1707C32] YUJINPOLYTECH Co., Ltd. developed and produced seam sealing tapes for the fi rst time in Korea in 1990 and has been devoted to R&D on environmentally friendly adhesive and adhesive technologies for clothing. In the meantime, the mass production of reliable seam sealing tapes has enabled cost reduction and quality improvement.
Equipped with all the necessary facilities for manufacturing seam sealing tapes from producing TPU fi lm and Hotmett fi lm to coating and cutt ing, YUJINPOLYTECH Co., Ltd. produces adhesive fi lm and waterproofi ng products and applications for clothing.
YUJINPOLYTECH off ers a variety of seam sealing tape products such as 2 layers, 2.5 layers and 3 layers with excellent product strength for customers to use for various fabrics.
YUJINPOLYTECH’s hot melt adhesive fi lm is a special adhesive fi lm used in the manufacture of non-woven garments and bluish-den shine. Supplied in the form of a roll type, it is easy to apply on the production line, and it provides strong adhesion and high waterproofness.

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