A Cosmetic Brand Seeking to Provide Relaxation To Not Only Your Skin but Also Your Heart

http://korean-products.com/inquiryEVA Co. manufactures cosmetics under the mott o “To Give the Skin Comfort,” seeking to meet ever-evolving consumer needs and producing new customized products. With the aim to produce consumer-friendly products by encouraging customers in the market to participate from the product-development stage, the company seeks to approach only the niche market on behalf of specific consumer groups.


Deep Cleansing After Cleansing with Natural Clay

LUMINIS White Clay Cleansing Foam is excellent in removing wastes without irritation and leaves no tightening phenomena thanks to the efficacies of natural white clay. Due to the nature of cleansing foam, it may be difficult to see the immediate effects, but steady use of the product will surely lead to gradual improvement of skin.
LUMINIS H2O-BOMB Ampoule Mask contains saffron, known as “Flowers of the Gods,” giving one’s skin vitality and immediate vitalization. Lightweight and absorptive, it is effective for moisturizing, waste removal, and skin tone up.


A Daily Suncare Protecting the Skin with Fresh Spreadability

Containing rich natural extracts, LUMINIS Restful Daily Sun Block protects the skin from ultraviolet rays in a soft but thorough way maintains skin balance. Easy to absorb with refreshing spreadability, it can be used wherever and whenever to go out. Rich natural extracts enables skin soothing, moisturization and even skin condition
LUMINIS Emollient Body Cream fills the needs of exercising women by providing freshness with ice-cooling texture, muscle relaxation with menthol and white clay ingredients, and skin moisturizing and radiance with the carefully selected natural ingredients. It is excellent in relaxing tense muscles, and natural white clay is added to the existing menthol ingredient for faster and effective muscle relaxation. It provides moisture & radiance beyond simple cooling & muscle relaxation. Various ferment filtrates such as macadamia nut oil provide moisture and radiance to the skin. LUMINIS Emollient Body Cream is effective for women who take exercises, such as yoga and Pilates.


Multi-Care from Head to Toe by Premium Facial Oil

LUMINIS Emollient Aroma oil is formulated with 100% pure natural or organic plant oils, special ingredients to make the skin healthy and soft. Optimized blending with carefully selected natural oil ingredients of Kerfoot Group certified and managed by the UK’s organic certification body, the Soil Association.


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