Cosmetics Containing Six Jewels & DNA Extracted from Salmon is a cosmetics brand that introduced the synthetic concept of cosmetics and aesthetics, and pharmaceuticals for the first time in the industry. KARATICA is a subsidiary of PRONEX Inc., a company recognized for producing medical devices used in hospitals and clinics such as pillars and laser devices. Based on PRONEX’s advanced biotechnology, KARATICA is developing innovative cosmetics that have never been found before. Containing DNAs and gemstones, it is a custom cosmetic for each skin problem that is distinguished from other products.

KARATICA, DNA Custom Skin Care Product for Various Skin Types

KARATICA Cream and Foil Mask are high in lanolin lecithin, a high nutrient approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Lanolin lecithin cleanses the body by facilitating lipid metabolism, basic metabolism, and metabolism, making the skin taut, balancing oil and water, and generating moisture protective layers to keep the skin moist and shiny all day long. It contains gold powder and pearl powder to make the skin radiant after rubbing it on the skin. Gold Duck Egg CD ll Cream is low in cholesterol content and high in unsaturated fatty acid, thus having excellent effects such as whitening, nutritioning, and wrinkle improvement. In particular, the anti-aging effect is as outstanding as can be obtained in a skin care shop. In addition, nine harmful substances to the human body such as parabens, artificial pigments, and mineral oils are not added, thereby minimizing skin irritation.
Gold Duck Foil Mask blocks the evaporation of the active ingredient with a breathable mask sheet by air inflow through 360,000 fine holes. It has excellent in adherence to the skin and allows the active ingredients of the essence to be absorbed without loss of moisture and nutrition. To this end, a1mm thick foil sheet made from naturally derived protein is used, consisting of a thin-filmed foil exterior that is moist inside.
I’m Feel Patch is a simple and fast Botox fi ller containing 99.9% hyaluronic acid, a fi ller ingredient known as a moisturizing factor in the body. It is a functional ingredient that is approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its safety. It is a product that can treat facial wrinkles without pain. The 400 needles penetrate the skin and make the skin resilient.
Transfusion DNA Ampoule is a sap DNA kit that supplies the skin with the nutrients it needs. The ampoule’s effects include whitening, regeneration and lifting, moisturization, pore and elasticity recovery, and skin ailment treatment, helping to improve the skin’s condition. With the DNA components helping regenerate the skin, it contains natural extracts for each skin ailment, providing essential nutrients to the skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods