Vitamin-Rich Lime Juice Cosmetics Skin Problems & Replenishing Moisture

Established in 1992, J&B first started its business in the industrial safety appliance field. In 2005, J&B expanded its business area to cosmetics under the brand name of THE SKIN RAPHA, confi dently expecting its cosmetic products to keep the skin healthy and beautiful as well as enabling comfort by using the self-produced lime extract from Indonesia and other nature-oriented ingredients.
Certified by the CFDA in 2017, its products are currently exported to Asian countries including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Pakistan as well as distributed nationwide in Korea (its products will be certifi ed by CFDA in September 2017). Its customers have shown high loyalty to its products in the domestic market.


Anti-Hair Loss Soap with Lime & Herbs

Made from lime extract, macadamia nut oil, and other herbal extracts, THE SKIN HAIR SOAP is anti-hair loss soap. It first cleanses the scalp and pores, and then gives nutrition to the hair and pores to make hair stronger and thicker. THE SKIN HAIR SOAP also reduces skin irritation on the scalp and makes it calm and healthy, preventing hair loss.

Mosquito Repellent Gel Non-DEET with Natural Ingredients

THE SKIN MOZZIE OFF GEL is a mosquito repellent gel made with lime extract, cinnamon, citronella oil, and eucalyptus leaf extract. Its natural scent repels insects, especially mosquitos. THE SKIN MOZZIE OFF GEL contains no DEET (diethyltoluamide), relieves skin stress caused by the chemical ingredients, and is comfortable to use. Its scent may last up to ten hours based on a lab test for the ingredient only.

Watery Moisturizing Cream with Lime & Birch Extracts

THE SKIN RAPHA SOO CREAM is a moisturizing gel-type cream made mainly from lime extract full of vitamin and birch extract also known as “Queen of the Forest” that has been widely used as folk remedy in Siberia, Central Asia, and Europe. Keeping the skin moisturized and resilient, its vitamin C in the lime makes skin white and translucent, and birch extract makes skin silk-soft and moisturized. THE SKIN RAPHA SOO CREAM has passed the Japanese safety test, and is currently in the process of CFDA registration. This gel-type cream with fresh citrus scent provides a cool touch with extracts and keeps the skin hydrated and cool. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods