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http://korean-products.com/inquiryEstablished in 2002, Euro Corporation has been researching and developing hot water mats since its establishment. Euro Corporation was founded in 2002 as EUROHOUSING CORPORATION manufacturing faucet parts. It further developed water heating pad controller and various other unique idea products. The product range has been expanding to Sunnyroom Sliding Roof, BLACKCAN, a heat camping mat, and SMARTCUP, a coffee warmer for vehicles. The company name was changed to Euro Corporation to emphasize that the company’s focus is not limited to housing products.
Having acquired safety certifications from KC in Korea, CE in Europe, PSE in Japan, and CQC in China, the company has endeavored to enrich the lives of customers through continuous technological innovation. In a rapidly changing world, Euro Corporation continues to strive to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities in terms of technology, competitive products, and continuous customer-oriented approaches.

Non-electric, Noise-Free Water Heating Pad

Unlike other heating pads using electric heating wires, Aqua Bed Warmer is equipped with a hot water heating system to generate heat by circulating heated water through small hoses inside the mat. Made from airy cotton, this quiet functional hot water mat is washable as a whole and can be used hygienically. Even when a heavy object clogs the hose, it does not affect the boiler and hot water circulation.

Smart Coffee Warmer for Vehicle

SMARTCUP is a coffee pot that can be used while driving by connecting it to the cigar jack socket in a vehicle (DC12V/5A). Whenever hot water is needed for coffee, tea, noodles, or children’s milk outside, SMARTCUP makes it possible. Temperature range from 20 to 90 degrees C and the stainless inside cup is separable for washing.


Smart Car Air Purifier & Charger

SMARTPURI is a car air purifier that helps to relieve fatigue from long- distance driving. It is a product designed for eliminating mold, fine dust, and cigarette odor. Its Plasma system keeps the air clean inside the vehicle while negative ions are generated when connected to the cigar jack. SMARTPURI keeps air in the car clean and pleasant.

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