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http://korean-products.com/inquiryDADA Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying excellent SME products in Korea and to introduce them to the global markets seeking to meet consumer demand in regard to quality and technology to off er benefi ts and advantages to customers.

LED Light Therapy for Skin Regeneration

Patented in Korea, China and Japan, LED VRANG is a skincare device that assists the absorption of ingredients such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid for the user to look younger by maintaining resilient breast and pore tightening. The specific wavelength of 630nm on LED light therapy promotes cell activation and blood circulation. Eventually, it delivers ingredients into the dermal layer to boost collagen production and pore tightening. LED V RANG’s spatula head is easy to massage on the neck, lymph, chin, and around the ears for intensive care for face-line shaping. The LED light therapy helps for elastic skin especially uneven areas after plastic surgery.

It makes the skin brighter by ion massage as it assists absorption of whitening cream ingredients as LED light therapy and 10,000 vibration per min helps improve skin elasticity. LED VRANG is antibacterial and hygienic since there is no need to use one’s hands. The absorption is ten times more effective than by using hands LED VRANG is easy to carry and comfortable to handle.

Skincare At Home, Saving Time and Money

DADA Spa Gelpatch is a diet patch that provides thermogenic eff ect for eight hours just by applying it, increases metabolic rate, and facilitates fat oxidation.
It is a new type of diet patch with the principle of thermogenesis applied for the first time in the world. This product reduces body fat and improves one’s health while increasing basal metabolic rate at the same time.
When applied on the abdomen, Spa Gelpatch burns up abdomen fat creating thermogenesis. This will increase the basal metabolic rate for warm abdomen, which is good for health. Made of TPE gel, it offers the same effect as a spa, a hot gel massage, wrapping, or far-infrared radiation care received from luxurious aesthetic parlors.
Other products of the company include the industrial mask series, innovative and top-notch products to use in various workplaces

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