Essence Sheet Masks Restoring Moisture While Extracts from Nature Fight Infl ammation & Bacteria. Co., Ltd. specializes in designing,
manufacturing, and exporting various cosmetics including
skin, body, and hair care products. Established in 2007, RANKISS has been seeking to create cosmetics that could satisfy customers not only in Korea, but worldwide. RANKISS has more than 50 distributors around the world, and is available in fi ve distributors and branch offi ces in China and has signed export contracts with clients in various countries including China, Thailand, Singapore, Kazakhstan, and Russia.
In 2013, the company introduced La Bellona Miracle Radiance Moisturizing Cream that passed strict rules and standards. Containing tomato callus culture extract, cherry tomato sepals extract and mucin substance from snail slime, this product has anti-aging effects and gives the skin special radiance. RANKISS has further developed five products La Bellona, five HERCELL, and five Moksha before providing them both online and offline. RANKISS continues to produce a wider variety of quality products with the aim of bringing health and beauty to customers.

Hydrating, Ampoule-Type Essence Sheet Masks

Moksha Dear Mask 10 contains 91.5% natural ingredients and free from the six harmful ingredients – Paraben, Imidazolidinyl urea form, silicon oil, Synthetic dye, Polyacrylamide, Triethanolamine.
A line of natural sheet masks, each with skin refreshing benefits and skin glowing effect thanks to the natural ingredients. It comes in ten kinds of natural flavors four different types of essence formulation – light essence, deep cream essence, and soft ampoule essence – that can be used depending on the skin condition. The Essence Type has high moisture content and reduced stimulation – Tea Tree, Orange Tea, Apple, Bamboo. The Ampoule Type gives immediate skin vitality – Honey. The Essence Gel Type – Aloe. The creamy type is rich – Avocado, Berry, Sheer Butter.
Moksha Dear Mask 10 gives the skin a relaxing and revitalized complexion with moisturization. Based on SKIN DEEP database of EWG, a reputable nonprofit environmental NGO in the USA that evaluates raw materials for cosmetics, RANKISS aims to use materials corresponding to GREEN RATE (Low hazard). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods