New Concept Hybrid Baby Carrier[INQ. NO. 1708C16] To take a baby out, one needs to carry a heavy load of baggage including a bottle, snacks, as well as three or four extra sheets of diapers. Meanwhile, to take care of a child who is full of energy and all over the place, having both hands free is an absolute necessity.
KOMBAKOM Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development and production of baby products with specialized technical expertise, production line, and distribution network.
SEIZE FRAN is a product that combines a backpack and a hip seat to support a child. It not only keeps the baby comfortable but also frees both hands of the parent or carer. The backpack is equipped with storage spaces for various purposes, so it can be used as a diaper bag when going out with a baby. The hip seat in the lower part of the backpack can be separated when needed. SEIZE FRAN has combined functions: backpack, diaper bag, heap seat, heap seat carrier, and heap seat carrier backpack. It is easy to wear anytime and anywhere. There is a separate space under the bag to store the baby strap hygienically. SEIZE FRAN comes in three colors: red, lime, and navy. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods