Premium Baby Product Brand[INQ. NO. 1708C13] EGG DESIGN is a baby product manufacturer that started as a company specializing in design. The company has launched a baby product brand METONNE from 2007. All of its products are manufactured in Korea, and export to China and Japan is currently in progress.
METONNE, a premium baby product brand introduced by Egg Design in 2007, is non-toxic without containing any major harmful substances such as bisphenol-A, lead, and heavy metals. Designed by foremost professional designers, EGG DESIGN manufactures the products using carefully selected raw materials produced in Germany and Korea.
Despite the relatively higher cost of its products, Egg Design adheres to the principle of manufacturing all products in Korea for safety and quality control. All products undergo a thorough inspection before shipment. In particular, the METONNE Baby Straw Cup is the first product of its kind to be selected as Good Design by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods