Safe & Compact Design Lighting[INQ. NO. 1708C21] COTTON TO KIDS is a kids’ interior brand established in 2015 providing aesthetic interior products that foster a child’s sensibilities and can also be used in a small space.
Cocoball Light is a product using LED module for signboards. It boasts outstanding durability, economic efficiency, safety, and practicality. Consisting of Cocoball Light and Mini Cocoball Light, Cocoball Light is a 16-ball light with a bulb length of 2.4m and a total length 4.8m. It can be used in multiple wires. Mini Cocoball Light, Cocoball Light’s successor, is a short and narrow 12-ball product with a bulb length of one meter and a length of 3.2 meters. Mini CocoBall Light received the 2016 Global Luxury Goods Award sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea and the Korea Institute of Design Promotion.
The durability of Cocoball Light is confirmed by its brightness. By using the LED module for a signboard, it can be used as a lighting as well as decoration for it is much brighter when compared to other products that use small Christmas light bulbs. In addition, the waterproofed bulb is safe from electric shock or fire. Its robustness can be witnessed on the exterior of the bulb as well. The molded bulb does not break easily even when dropped or pulled by hand thanks to the use of hard wires. Cocoball Light is an economical product with less electricity cost. Unlike the battery-run products requiring frequent replacement, it is powered by an outlet consuming only 0.15 watt for each bulb even when it is turned on for long periods of time. In addition, the life expectancy of a bulb reaches up to 50,000 hours, enabling semi-permanent use.
Light enough to be attached with Scotch tape, Cocoball Light can be easily installed. It can also be used by connecting to the adapter or portable external battery via USB cable even if no electricity is available. Cocoball Light can be used safely for a long time as it is EMC certified for electromagnetic compatibility, has acquired KC certification, and also obtained IP68 certification, highest waterproof and dustproof rate. In addition, the bulb does not overheat even if it is left on all night.
In the production process, cotton balls and rattan balls in more than 90 different colors are used; most of which are exclusively produced by the local factory with Cocoball Light’s original and sophisticated color palettes. About 10% of second-grade balls are discarded through a three-step process: removing distorted balls; removing residues inside the balls; refining the ball surface. All the parts and products undergo a thorough inspection for product quality before being released on the market. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods