Mask Pack & Whitening Cream[INQ. NO. 1708C04] In recent years, demand for mask packs of high quality has increased due to the fine worsening yellow dust and dry environment caused by air pollution. WuSu Company produces safe and reliable products through systematic quality control at its factory that is approved as an R&D center and certified for cGMP compliance.
The White Time Mask Pack produced by WuSu Company contains snail mucus filtrate to soothe skin from external stimuli and help to eliminate dry and crusty skin. In addition, it promotes skin elasticity and makes it vivid, protects tired skin and makes it shiny. The finest three-layered sheet made of vegetable fiber is tightly attached to the skin with its essence providing nutrition effectively.
White Time Whitening Cream is a soft essence type that contains moisture and will soften the face and body. Once applied, it helps promote natural and bright skin moisturizing and brightening mild skin tone for a long time.
The package design is also unique. The cute “Miss Gom” character pouch can also be used to hold pencils or credit cards. Other designs for newly-weds and couples are receiving good responses from overseas buyers and customers as well. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods