Baby & Toddler Shoes, Pre Walker Shoes[INQ. NO. 1708C20] Established in 2004, Wildcat Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of functional toddler shoes for children up to five years old. Its major products include the patented Attipas functional toddler shoes and Acti-Fit customizing functional in-soles.
Attipas was launched in 2011 after seven years of cooperative research & development based on biomechanics and cognitive development of babies in conjunction with the Cognitive Behavioral Development Center at Seoul University. By allowing toddlers to feel the soles of their shoes and move their toes freely, Attipas helps to correct toddlers’ walking by evenly distributing foot pressure. Using no glue or toxic chemicals, Attipas is lightweight, breathable, flexible, and machine-washable.
Acti-Fit insoles are designed to even out one’s posture and musculoskeletal system from head to toe, thus preventing the misalignment of knees caused by hyperpronation. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods