Silicone Customizer Evolving Along with Customers silicone compounds are heatresistant and have excellent oil, water repellency, and weatherability. Inclusion of fluoro groups into silicone backbone results in the lowering of surface tension, increased spreadability and solubility when compared to the non-fluoro dimethicone of the same molecular weight.
Established in 1999, Basel Chemie Co., Ltd. has been leading a successful localization of producing silicone water repellent & cosmetic silicone gel with its well-experienced employees, working over 20 years in the field of silicone. It has further expanded its R&D focus to include cosmetics silicone gel, architectural & industrial products, paint additives, fluoro compounds, etc. By using the patented technologies for Water Repellent Composition (patent# 0366106), Perfluoroalkyl (phenylalkyl) Polysiloxane, and its Cosmetic Composition (patent# 10-0642624), the company’s fine-quality silicone products are manufactured in its own facilities following the standards of ISO 9001 (cert# 15-Q-0563-20) & ISO 14001 (cert# 15-E-0351-02).’


Silicone Elastomers Gels

Basel’s silicone elastomers are clear to slightly translucent cross-linked gel. They have long-lasting skin feel, provide smoothness, and are non-greasy with a silky skin feel. They can be used in either hot or cold processes.


Fluoro Silicone Oil

Basel’s fluoro silicone oil exhibits excellent lubricity properties. They come with excellent organic oil compatibility, forming a protective barrier when formulated in skin and hair care products. They also exhibit antifoam characteristics due to their unique surface activity.


Silicone Elastomer Powder

Puresil-EP Series are white elastomeric silicone powder which provides dry smoothness, powdery-light, and non-greasy skin feel along with the property of quick absorption. It is used as thickening agent for water-in-oil and water-in-silicone formulations. Cold processing is possible with this ingredient.
The skin care products help skin be healthier through soft spreadability. The hair care products help hair be more protected and shiny through bett er moisturization. The sun care products are helpful for boosting the UV filtration. The make-up products are helpful for brighter skin appearance by covering blemishes through sebum control and bett er sensory feels. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods