Eco-friendly Hygiene Products Global Solution Co., Ltd. is a company that develops products that will protect the environment and substitute detergents, while reducing and removing any harmful substances created by using detergents.
Currently, DaeEun Global Solution Co., Ltd. has achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, along with the U.S. FDA and CE in Europe. With the certification of ecofriendly products, it is supplied to QVC in America, TF1 in France, EDECA, AMAZON in Germany, and Australia.
Eco Hi-Ball for Dishwashers is the world’s first product that allows dishwashing without detergent. Eco-Hi-Ball Power Clean can be used for laundry without detergent while Cosmile allows to inhibit food spoilage in a refrigerator by using porous ceramic with better functions than charcoal. Also, its excellent deodorant and antibacterial effects maintain fresh air inside the refrigerator and car. Other products include the Eco Hi-Ball Shower Head.


Eco Hi-Ball for Dishwasher

As an alternative to dishwasher detergents that contain harsh chemicals, the Eco Hi-Ball cleans dishes without using any detergents. It kills 99.9% of germs and removes food leftovers that otherwise may remain on the dishes. The detergent-free Eco Hi-Ball purifies the water while removing water scale, bacteria, mold and odors in dishwashers and drains, keeping the dishwasher shiny as new. Eco Hi-Ball is highly environmentally friendly.


Eco Hi-Ball power Clean

Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean is an eco-friendly product for laundry without using detergent. by using bioceramics that emit far-infrared, anions to change the properties of water and using the principles of oxidation-reduction, this product allows cleaning of clothes naturally without any chemicals for up to 1,000 loads. Over the years, customers have rated Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean as a top item for laundry, Having achieved international popularity and support in Asia, Europe and North America, Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean is clean, cost effective, eco-friendly, and a healthy alternative to detergent.


Eco Hi-Ball Cosmile

Cosmile (deodorant for cars and refrigerators) delays food spoilage by using porous bioceramics technology. It ensures that the refrigerator and car stays fresh with its excellent deodorant and antibacterial effects. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods