Eco-friendly Ionized Water Spray Cleaner For Fruits & Vegetables Foods Market in the USA is a premium distribution chain that sells organic agricultural products and foods. Recently, a Korean SME became the first Korean company to successfully enter the Whole Foods Market with fruit and vegetable detergents by obtaining a Green grading, the highest eco-scale grade of the store.
VegeAqua is produced by BEX Intercorporation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Buhmwoo Group, a leading manufacturer of industrial lubricants. Developed by Buhmwoo Group’s own BIT Buhmwoo Research Center, VegeAqua has 99.7% water and 0.3% minerals, still performing excellent detergency and containing no surfactants. BEX Intercorporation develops and produces general household goods as well as detergents. VegeAqua is currently on display in more than 50 stores in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii, and is gradually expanding its sales across the USA.

Leading the Global Environment-Friendly Detergent Markets

VegeAQUA is made only from crystal water produced by using a patented technology and is free of chemicals such as surfactants and preservatives. With no color, taste, or odor, it does not affect the nature of fruits and vegetables after cleaning.
VegeAQUA sterilizes 99.9% of pesticide residue or food poisoning bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
BabyAQUA is an ecofriendly detergent developed to protect babies with weak immunity against various harmful bacteria. It kills 99.9% of the harmful bacteria on the surfaces of toys, tables, baby bottles, etc. that babies often make contact with via their mouths. It is also safe for children by using crystal water that is harmless to the human body as the main ingredient. In comes in a portable size as well to be used anytime and anywhere.
KitchenAQUA is a sterilizing and deodorizing detergent that can be used for all kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, ovens, knives, and chopping boards. It is harmless to the human body for it is free from chemical ingredients such as surfactants and preservatives. Generating no bubbles, KitchenAQUA is easy to clean kitchen appliances that are difficult to wipe with other detergents. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods