Ergonomic Functional Mattress For Better Sleep people are already exposed to many illnesses that interfere with their life expectancy and health. In particular, improvement of sleep quality can reduce social costs significantly. In order to cope with the aging society, which is already a reality, and with the growing interest in the anti-aging society, the big potential for new industries is unfolding.h

Smart Mattress Optimized for Relaxation and Deep Sleep

SMAED is an ergonomic smart bed developed to foster a smart bed culture where various

lifestyles coexist. This bed helps induce a deep sleep, and relaxation while watching TV, reading and other leisure by maintaining various postures and optimal fi gure through electric frames and body pressure distribution.
SMAED smart mattress consists of mattress covers using environmentally friendly materials and three functional layers in order to provide comfort regardless of movement during sleep. Polyurethane foam with an open-cell structure provides a deep sleep through its excellent air permeability. Body-friendly and elastic, SMAED’s smart mattress provides a cozy sleeping environment and relaxation. This multi-longitude mattress is designed in consideration of the physical structures consisting of six body parts – head (neck), shoulder, waist, hip, thigh, and calves. The SMAED’s smart frame comprises five zones for each part of the body. With independent disk springs for each part, the user stays comfortable in any posture. The actuator fitted to the frame can be easily adjusted by using the smartphone app provided along with the wireless remote control.
DUTKOREA Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and became a leading company as a manufacturer and specialist in the field of high-pressure PU solutions including PU products (motion beds, PU mattresses, functional pillows) foaming machines, mixing heads, metering pumps, and various PU applications in Korea. DUTKOREA started out in the PU business by manufacturing high-quality mixing heads, a core PU technology. Thereafter, the business expanded to various PU applications. The company’s market share of the industry is increasing rapidly and customers’ excellent feedbacks on the quality and services have contributed to its strong brand power. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods