Premium Wild Ginseng Product[INQ. NO. 1709C01] SamDawon Co., Ltd., produces wild ginseng Gongjindan and Gyeongokgo – traditional restorative multi-herbal medicine, known to be one of China’s three greatest medicines. Sanyang Sansam (made from wild ginseng seeds) by the KOREA WILD GINSENG CHANG MANSOON FAMILY is recognized by the government as a specialty forest product. It passed the suitability test for soil seed by the Korea Forest Service (KFS) and the Korea Forestry Promotion Institute (KOFPI) and is registered for production with the forest departments of the cities and countries in the region where it is grown. It is also certified as organically grown and has a traceability system in place supported by the Korea Forest Service (KFS).
Gongjindan is produced according to the prescription in Donguibogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine; Korea’s Treasure No. 1085), an encyclopedia of medical knowledge and treatment techniques compiled and edited by its writer Heo Jun. Gongjindan was restorative tonic used by emperors and the best gift for aristocrats. It consists of pills of high value that used to be dedicated to the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, China, plus fermented wild ginseng according to the traditional recipe.
Made from best-quality ingredients including wild ginseng, dong quai, cornelian cherries, antlers and aloeswood, fermented and treated in accordance with their original properties, Gongjindan reflect the principles and philosophy of Samdawon, a company that sticks to the best things only. Made of fermented wild ginsengs which were processed according to the traditional recipe, Gongjindan fills up the energy needed while taking out what is in excess to make one feel rejuvenated shortly. It can also be a perfect gift to show a deepest respect.
Gongjindan comes in a carefully-prepared gift box. The elegant design of the gift package is perfect to express utmost appreciation to a special someone. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods