Solid & Liquid Detergents in 1969, Miamoolsan Co., Ltd. set up the detergent division in 1990 to advance into the Japanese market. The company successfully launched its powder detergent sales for automated dishwashers used in stores in 1992. It has continued to develop and launch a variety of solid detergents such as phosphate-free, phosphate-based. It is currently supplying and selling some thousands of tons of solid detergents annually in Japan. Building on its accumulated know- how, the company, with its product safety and affordability recognized in the Japanese market, is now aggressively introducing and selling its diverse products in the Korean market and the Asian market since 2013.
Miamoolsan is now capable of manufacturing solid detergents in quantiies of up to 250 tons per month, presoak detergent at 100 tons per month and rinsing cleanser at 100 tons per month in its own plant located in Gyeonggi Province, from its initial capacity of manufacturing 20 tons of powder detergent per month. Also as a global leader in high technology and environmental friendliness producing highly concentrated solid detergents and various other kinds of detergents, we will continue to develop a wide range of the best quality products to satisfy our customers and gain their trust.


Top-Quality Detergents in Various Ranges

Hicon UP is a solid-type detergent, rather than a liquid or powder type. This phosphorus-free product can be safely used even in areas where draining phosphorus is restricted and features strong cleaning power even with a small amount.
Hicon M is a solid detergent that is an environmentally friendly product containing zero sodium hydroxide and phosphorus. It shows excellent cleaning effect even with a small amount. This product is suitable for school meals and hospitals.
Hicon Q is a highly concentrated rinse that removes traces of water droplets left on tableware, significantly promotes drying speed, and provides germicidal action and shine to dishes.
WK20 DSCD supplies solid detergent to maintain constant concentration by using internal electric conductivity inside the dishwasher’s washing tank input through a probe. It features numerous excellent functions to enable easy setting and precise supply of detergent and rinsing by using digital settings. Other products include WK20 DLCD that supplies liquid detergent. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods