Sports Cooling Massage Gel Industry Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics development and manufacturing venture company established in 2014, and was founded by Dr. Cho Young-jae, who had studied gels for 10 years after obtaining a Ph.D. in Germany.
BIOCOOL Sports Massage Gel, recently developed by the company, is a water-soluble cooling gel that is highly effective for the relief of muscular pain, arthritis, sprains or bruises before and after exercise. It has obtained U.S. FDA and OTC certifications and recently received a CFDA certification in China. Having established an affiliated research institute, JJ Industry continues to release a series of products such as BIOCOOL Leg Care, BIOCOOL and Hot by using the patented technology of water-soluble gel manufacturing. The company is constantly investing in the research and development of natural functional cosmetics such as carbonated mask packs.

Sports Cooling Massage Gel Type

BIOCOOL Sports Gel is specially formulated for temporary relief from muscle and joint stiffness through cooling and refreshing effects. It is patented for the formulation and water-soluble which contains menthol, camphor, and extract of licorice root. Patient responses to ultrasound and sports massage therapy are enhanced when BIOCOOL Sports Gel is used prior to the ultrasound and massage treatments.
Its application includes soft tissue trigger point therapy, rehabilitation exercises, pre and post workout stretch, and massage treatments. BIOCOOL Sports Gel is also used for the activation of sore muscles & muscle sprains, back, shoulder, neck pain, arthritis, and for relieving painful ankle/knee/hip/ elbow joints, muscular strains, and bruise as well as having cooling effect for itching from mosquito or insect bites



BioCool LegCare is a watersoluble leg massage gel containing active ingredients including Phytoncide, menthol, camphor, Glycyrrhiza, and MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane). This patented formulation helps relieve tired legs after a long period standing, sports activity or puff y legs. Refreshing phytoncide and citrus fragrance promotes relaxation and also acts as a moisturizer. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods