Cell phone case

http://korean-products.com/inquirySince established in 2010, we in Tongkeunjumeoni have put emphasis on manufacture of ‘Unique & Creative Premium Mobile Phone Case’ in the t-pocket brand. Our products are of our own design and made domestic while being rigorously controlled to be supplied mainly to high-end customer base or overseas markets inclu-ding Japan. Has held the prominent position in major domestic stores and, especially has been placed first in overall ranking in Rakuten Japan regarding total sales, which means Japanese consumers’ recognition of our product power. Talking of wallet cases, with classy printing and coating adopted they have less deformation or discoloring of the print side compared with competitors’ products. Matching handmade decorations with the cases has enhanced the dignity of cases. 3 different sized cases, S, M, L of multi-slide type have a strength of being compatible with whatever model cellular phones only if the size is correct. Accessories including straps are also our own handmade high quality products.


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