Household Goods in Comfort & Unique Design in 2011, Cheng Cheng International Co., Ltd., manufactures baby care products, oral care products and beauty products as OEM. All the products by Cheng Cheng International are produced under strict and systematic quality control and exported to the world. Despite its short history, Cheng Cheng International has successfully entered the prominent mega stores in China such as Carrefour and Century Mart. With its headquarters in South Korea and branches and logistics centers in China, the company has further extended its exports to Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Mongolia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and other European countries.


AGA-AE From Nature Silk Wet Wipes

It is produced without nine hazardous chemical ingredients to ensure the safety of babies and children, and is only made with fine functional ingredients from nature. Using pure water filtered six times, AGA-AE From Nature Silk Wet Wipes has excellent performance for removing dirt. The Aloe Vera extract and green tea extract help soothing and moisturizing of skin and Phytoncide protects the baby’s and kid’s skin from bacteria.


AGA-AE Pororo Wing Summer Ring (RED / BLUE)

Using non-toxic silicon and 100% natural “Citronella” oil with no artificial ingredients it prevents stimulation on a delicate skin. Designed with Pororo the Little Penguin, the famous character of a Korean computer-animated television series, the product comes in two colors, blue and red, in a zipper bag package for reuse. The silicon texture makes it soft to wear.


AGA-AE Pororo Mosquito Spray

The spray can be safely used by all those from six-month old babies to adults. It is a safe and eco-friendly product made from ingredients certificated by the U.S. FDA and KFDA. Designed with Pororo the Little Penguin, it provides friendliness to both parents and kids. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods