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http://korean-products.com/inquiryOpuntia humifuss X is a Korean native cactus that grows only in Korea’s unique soil, and is able to withstand high altitudes and temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees C. Growing during Korea’s four distinctive seasons in a mixture of red clay and sandy soil, it contains plenty of health beneficial ingredients such as calcium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, amino acid, and saponin, Therefore, Opuntia Humifusa is considered a wonderful gift from nature having better health-beneficial components and effects than many plants.


A Representative Brand of Opuntia Humifuss X Products

SINVIAN Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of well-being products, has been developing various health supplements, health drinks, cosmetics, and traditional liquor using Opuntia Humifusa as a major ingredient. Devoted to turn Opuntia Humifusa into a profitable crop, the company has contributed to lead numerous agricultural farms to lucrative businesses, promote employment, and vitalize the local economy. Fully aware of the importance of national health, SINVIAN constantly seeks to build customer loyalty both domestically and internationally.


SINVIAN Cactus Extract

Approved by the FDA, HALAL, and ISO22000, SINVIAN Cactus Extract is made from extracts of Opuntia Humifusa together with milk vetch root, acanthopanax, pine needles, natural organic products. It is good for joints and helps in better bowel movement, promote digestion, and relieves hangovers.


Sinvian Uiseong Black Garlic Resin

Approved by the FDA and ISO22000, Sinvian Uiseong Black Garlic Resin goes through aging for more than a month at a constant temperature and humidity. This ensures that the product increases in the SOD content and Polyphenol which is an active ingredient for the fermentation. The black-colored garlic contained forms a special ingredient called S-aryl cysteine (Water-soluble sulfur amino acid) and increases the absorption into the body. It is excellent for health improvement and promoting vitality


Opuntia Humifusa Cosmetics

CheonNyeonCho (Opuntia Humifusa Cosmetics) contains various extracts of Opuntia Humifusa and natural moisturizing ingredients which are effective for brightening and antiwrinkle. It provides nutritional contents and keeps skin looking soft and lively.


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