Skin Implant Solution Containing Natural Bio Micro Needle[INQ. NO. 1709C31] Threedayslove Co., Ltd. manufactures plastic cosmetics for skin implant products with intensive expertise in creativity and innovation. It is a global brand leading the cosmetics markets including China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Through the high-tech cosmeceutical and biotechnology based on Natural Bio Micro Needle, Threedayslove devotes itself to producing best-quality products on behalf of women across the world.
Natural Bio Micro Needle is a core ingredient that penetrates into the dermis to stay on the skin for 72 hours irritating the fibroblast in the dermis and facilitating the metabolism for the skin to rejuvenate its healthy and beautiful state by forming new cells rapidly. multi-pored (10~40 nanometers a hole) Natural Bio Micro Needle 200~250m is bioactive substances extracted from spicules (Spongilla Lacustris) that live in the clean ocean waters and are proven scientifically to be beneficial for the human body. It penetrates into the facial skin to promote blood circulation and provivvhde oxygen to skin cells.

Threedayslove’s Skin Implant stimulates the stratum basal in the face and activates the cell division removing dead cells and regenerating new cells. The nano-sized active ingredients such as peptides are absorbed deep into the facial skin thanks to the spicules, thus keeping the face healthy and beautiful.
Whimela Shining Implant Cream contains pure ingredients with whitening function to brighten the skin tones damaged by UV rays or various internal causes such as skin trouble through decomposition and regenerative action. It is a groundbreaking system that results in a quick discharge for clearer and brighter skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods