Award Winning Bodyboard Made of Premium Material R&D Labs provides product design consulting and marine leisure equipment. focusing on its own brand, Black Tea, which it is commercializing through a variety of leisure equipment. Currently, the company has a total of six distribution channels, including G-market and Auction in Korea and Qoo10 in Japan. It has been selected as HIT500 Brand and Good Design (GD). Furthermore, T.O R&D Labs was awarded by iF and RedDot, one of the three major international design awards in the world.
The company has also participated in the design roadshow held in China since 2013 for global corporate competence. Furthermore, T.O R&D Labs established a branch office in Brazil in conjunction with KOTRA in 2017 to further expand its presence in overseas markets.


BLACK-T Reddot Award Winning MARINE B Body Board

Neoprene (soft shell) MARINE-B is the world’s first zippered skin-type bodyboard made of neoprene that is environmentally friendly and harmless to human body. This bodyboard-type marine leisure equipment can be used as a buoyancy panel, a substitute for a tube, and as water sports equipment. Its six color skins are perfect for fashionable summer equipment. Neoprene bodyboard can be used safely in resorts, outdoor pools, artificial pools, as well as on the beach.
MARINE-B can be used for beginners’ practice, since it is 4cm wider than existing bodyboards, making it easy to balance. The 90cm-long board can be mounted on a small passenger car trunk. In addition, it can be used as a lifesupport device. By using the SE2000-EPS blowing technology, its total buoyancy is 26.4 kgf, which is far better than imported products of 19-20 kgf. The leash channel is also finished with polypropylene injection molding. MARINE-B has won two global design awards in 2015 – iF and RedDot. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods