Nano Coating Materials With Special Coatings in 2004, CEKO., Ltd. is a company that specializes in the development of coatings and coating technologies for surface treatment of optical and digital devices. A solid manufacturer of nano-surface modifying materials, CEKO has been recognized for its unique vacuum evaporation coating technology and surface modification technology producing vacuum coatings and high-quality surface coatings.
The coatings produced by CEKO have excellent durability and dramatically reduce fingerprints and contamination on the display surface. They have been recognized in the industry for their technology to minimize the surface roughness of the substrate and make it smooth.


The New Evolution of Surface-Reforming Technology

Compared with its competitors in domestic and overseas markets, CEKO’s products have outstanding performance such as high super water repellency, stain resistance, slipperiness, adhesion, and chemical resistance. Based on this, the company’s products have been applied to the surfaces of electronic products of world-leading companies such as smartphones, tablet PCs, smart gears of Samsung, LG Electronics, SONY, etc. since 2010. In addition to smallsized smart devices, CEKO’s coatings can be applied to surfaces affected by external environments such as notebooks, monitors, digital cameras, and automobile glass, making it an unrivaled promising product.


Product with Hydrophobic Property to Increase Surface Energy

Top CleanSafeTM, a functional super waterrepellent nano coating, is coated with a thin film of 10 to 20 nm on the surface of base material to reduce surface energy, thus providing a superhydrophobic and oil-repellent coating with easy contaminant removal and high slipperiness, and preventing fingerprint contamination and scratches.
Nano Primer™, a hydrophilic coating agent, provides tensile strength between a coated material and a base material to be coated, thereby enhancing the adhesion between the coating layer and the material to ensure excellent impact resistance and resistance to high temperature and high humidity.
IFP is a hydrophobic-lipophilic product that makes the fingerprints on the surface less visible. Consisting of two coating methods – Thermal and Spray – this product enables hydrophobic lipophilic coating, and prevents fingerprints. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods