Superior Paving Material Using Smart-Road Construction Technology around the globe, the only safety measure against traffic accidents caused by icy roads is traffic warning signs. In summer, urban heat island effects caused by the radiant heat on the road results in a rapid increase in energyconsumption rates and power shortages. Therefore, the functional role of the roads occupying about 40% ~ 60% of the urban areas becomes more important than ever.
Chamelroad produced by ROSIGN Co., Ltd. is a smart road-packing material used for various roads including dangerous or icy roads, highways, cycle paths, walkways and sidewalks. In winter, it reacts to the temperature with the text and image displayed in order for drivers to identify an icy road with the naked eye. Chamelroad prevents slips on icy roads caused by black ice at low temperatures.
Main features of Chamelroad’s technology
Chamelroad is largely based on two innovative technologies. The first is Temperature Visualization. This technology allows drivers to visually identify the freezing conditions of the roads through color changes, and manifested texts and images on an icy road. Furthermore, various colors and images are available depending on the temperature setting from -65 to 150 degrees C.
The second technology is Radiant Heat Protection. This refers to a technology to block ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and heat to cut off radiant heat up to 89%, preventing heat defects, and extending road life and its life cycle. It also eliminates the cause of the heat island phenomenon in urban areas and also has the eff ect of reducing energy consumption rates.


A Leading Road Paving Material Producer

Started as a venture company in 2014 with government support, ROSIGN has patented 18 new technologies such as Chamelroad, Snowiz, Smart Block, etc. It has signed agreements with 15 municipalities in Korea for its recognized technologies. Since 2016, ROSIGN has introduced the technologies to Northern and Western Europe and arranged technical tie-ups with the ministries of transport and state-owned companies in Canada, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Philippines, and Oman. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods