Various Tapes Made with Adhesive Tape Technology and manufacturing excellence are the strengths that have distinguished us in the tape market for years.
WithUs Korea Ltd. is the only cloth tape manufacturer in Korea that has its own on-site weaving factory. WithUs Korea is a competitive, forward-thinking company that has a proven track record in providing high-quality products internationally.
It is accredited by all relevant international and national organizations. The company has acquired various patents regarding its development, production methods, and raw materials. WithUs Korea has a vertically integrated manufacturing system from weaving to the packaging, and its customers in 31 countries and overseas sales comprise about 85% of its sales.

Duct & Cloth Tapes, Gaffers Tapes, and Cloth Masking Tape with High-Quality

Duct and Cloth Tape produced by WithUs Korea offers consistent quality for industrial uses, carpet, plumbing, and anywhere else needed. Made of natural rubber adhesive, this high-tack, co-extruded duct tape conforms well to variety surfaces, tears easily by hand, and endures low and high temperatures. It does not twist or curl during application and is easy to use.
WithUs Korea’s Gaffers Tape offers high tensile strength and a waterproof backing to withstand the elements as well as a long day of filming. It is highly conformable to a variety of expected and unexpected surfaces. This product is manufactured in matt finish, so it blends well with products and does not reflect light onto other surfaces. It has diverse uses in various sectors such as production crews in television, motion pictures, concerts, and live shows, to tape down cables, other short-term set-ups, and many more.

WK70UV is a premiumgraded cloth-masking tape and high-quality LDPE double laminated (black and white) cloth tape with a special UV-resistance adhesive that presents superb performance in masking or painting works for specialists in the shipbuilding industry.
Pre-taped Drop Cloth is a product with a combination of UV-resistance cloth masking tape, craft paper, washi paper, masking tape, and a high-quality HDPE film for precise painting works for indoor or outdoor uses. It protects furniture, floor, glass etc. from the paint while saving the extra cost of cleaning. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods