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http://korean-products.com/inquiryJEONJINBIO Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of air freshener (fabric mist) and pest repellents, located in South Korea. It produces a functional deodorizer – also called Fabric Mist – that is anti-insect, anti-static, and various other functions and releases elaborate scents. JEONJINBIO also develops and manufactures eco-friendly bird repellents, wild boar repellents, and rodent repellents by using up-to-date bio technology.


BRIDCAN Fabric Mist

BRIDCAN Fabric Mist contains no harmful substances such as MIT, CMIT, BIT, and 0IT and the use of chemicals is minimized by adding cloth-derived materials, while its functions are strengthened. BRIDCAN Fabric Mist consists of two product lines – BRIDCAN Fabric Mist All-In-One and BRIDCAN Fabric Mist Functional Type.
BRIDCAN Fabric Mist All-In-One can be used in various environments such as for bedroom, clothes, and for shoes. It comes in colors of red, blue and yellow. for toilets, shoes, outdoors sleep, laundry, sports, pets and infants. BRIDCAN All-in-one type is antibacterial, anti-static, mothproof, and long-lasting, and has various functions including air freshening and deodorization. This product is suitable for beds, clothes, shoes, toilets, etc. and is equipped with the luxurious fragrance imported from ROBERTET, one of the top ten developers of flavor and perfume additives and ingredients.
Suitable for beds, cars toilets, shoes, outdoors, sleep, laundry, sports, pets, and babies, BRIDCAN Fabric Mist Functional Type is specially designed for particular spaces and usages.


BRIDCAN Fabric Mist

This is a special product that has a repellent effect against mosquitoes utilizing DEET, an essential raw material for mosquito repellents. With its unique odor minimized by the peppermint and lemon fragrance, the resulting scent is very fresh and fragrant. The spray-type product is easy to use for outdoor activities as it can be sprayed evenly on the areas exposed to mosquitoes including the neck, arms, and legs.

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