Health & Diet Foods is expected to revolutionize the entire spectrum of human life, which is the dream of humanity in the era of100-year life expectancy, Apart from the existing medical technologies, there are growing demands for the prevention of various adult diseases in advance and improvement of basic physical strength in order to enjoy a healthy and enriching life.
Established in 1999, Bionutrigen Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing health foods, beverages, food additives, and cosmetics for the prevention and treatment of various diseases including obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and liver diseases. The company’s objective is to develop new natural materials with no toxicity or side effects.
Obtaining numerous domestic and foreign patents and papers, Bionutrigen developed JBB20, an advanced bio material, that is excellent for obesity, liver care, fatigue recovery, energy enhancement, and relieving hangovers; and Slim&Slim, a high-tech biomaterial, that is effective for body shape management. These products are being successfully marketed in the EU, China, Russia, Japan, and in the U.S. military in particular.


Liver Supplement

This is a liver tea powder for liver care using JBB20, a food material that improves the liver. Approved through clinical trials as a liver improving supplement in Europe, this one and only product is far superior in efficacies to commonly used Silymarin and milk thistle as well as having a hangover relieving effect.


Nature’s Energizer

Nature’s energizer is an energy drink made with a liver health substance JBB20 Gold with no sugar and no caffeine. It has been developed to enhance physical performance & reduce drowsiness.




Slim&Slim is a diet tea made from Slim&Slim, an anti-obesity food substance extracted from vegetables and fruits. Patented both at home and abroad, Slim&Slim is the world’s only food-grade diet material with no side effects. Its natural ingredients help lower the body weight and reduce fat as well as controlling cholesterol. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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