Human-Friendly Artificial Turf YooShin Co., Ltd. established about 60 years ago, K&B Junwoo is a company that manufactures highquality artificial turf. After obtaining a Certificate of Public Procurement Quality Assurance issued by the Public Procurement Service for the first time in the industry in 2014, K&B Junwoo produces long-lasting and humanfriendly artificial turf that is stable, comfortable, and appropriate for various types of sports, landscaping, and decoration. Including more than 150 installations (600,000m2) for government facilities, the company has provided about 40 kinds of products to overseas markets. In particular, the newly developed U and W yarn types are aimed at North American markets.
In addition, K&B Junwoo is in partnership with the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) in Buenos Aires, Santiago, Dubai, Hanoi, Los Angeles, and Vancouver to promptly deal with numerous inquiries from buyers.
K&B Junwoo Korean Turf is free from TNPP that causes allergies, seizures, and cancer by using LLDPE materials produced by the largest chemical company in the world. All its products meet the demands of FIFA such as UV protection and water permeability.


KBAE Series

It is the most suitable product line for sports fields assuring optimal performance equivalent to natural grass by using Monofilament pile yarn with smooth-type and hard-type PE. It has higher durability, wear-resistance, and restitution compared to the film-shaped pile yarn. The product is exported to the Middle East where sunlight is intense for its excellent permeability and UV protection.


KBLEP Series

Most suitable for landscaping, it appears almost like natural grass with its smooth feel and soft touch. The curled shaped yarn gives a super resilience and restitution.



Dual structured in different height between Monofilament yarn and inside-yarn supporting the outside-yarn with high density, this product enhances the stiffness and upright effect. For these reasons, KBSEPH35 has an improved shock-absorption without rubber and silica sand. Recently, KBSEPH has been installed on the roof of a Homeplus store, one of the mega store chains in Korea, receiving good feedback from customers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods