Self-Adhesive Tapes as an adhesive tape producer and seller in 1998, KB Adhesives Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of self-adhesive tapes in South Korea with a 27-year history. Its main products include cloth duct tapes and cloth double-sided tapes for carpets. Based on partnerships with more than 100 companies in 27 countries with excellent quality, services, and high credit, the cloth tapes produced by KB Adhesives are used for heavy packing, gaffers, and in construction.
Other products include acrylic foam tapes, aluminum and copper foil tapes, polymide tapes, and double-sided polyester tapes. KB Adhesives also plans to launch Synthetic Rubber Cloth Tape with high adhesion power and economical grade. With subdivided grades of cloth tapes in various colors, the company provides customers with custom-made tapes as well.
With the construction of its own production facility in 2007, KB Adhesives is committed to taking off as a worldclass producer equipped with competitiveness through cutting-edge technological development, despite fierce global competition, imbalance in raw materials demand and supply, and the global economic slump.


KB Cloth Tape

The PE-coated high-performance cloth tape is a rubber based adhesive. This tape is mainly used on irregular surfaces andstationeries and for waterproofing, vinyl repair, and protecting and bundling moisture barriers for both indoors and outdoors. It is hand-tearable and has excellent waterproofing and abrasion resistance.


KB Acrylic Foam Tape

KB Acrylic Foam Tape is an ideal combination of performance, durability, and easy use. This foamed acrylic core double side tape is used for various industrial applications in areas such as transportation, construction, electronics, and the sign and graphics industry. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods