Specially Developed Functional Vegetables

http://korean-products.com/inquiryHow long do you expect to live? Time magazine once wrote that “Now is the age of 100-year life expectancy.” Therefore, now is the time when prevention of diseases is more important than cure. Jeil Seed Bio has created seeds to correspond to such zeitgeist by using functional vegetables – functional peppers and anti-cancer cabbages.


Dangjo Pepper

Dangjo Pepper is the first functional pepper variety in the world. It is rich in Alpha-glucosidase inhibitor (AGI), a functional ingredient that suppresses the increase of blood sugar. The ingredient analysis conducted by the Jeonbuk National University Hospital and Chungbuk National University has proven its efficacy in inhibiting the increase of blood sugar. It is expected to be a front-runner of the future functional food industry catching up with the ongoing changes in food values.


Anti-Cancer Cabbage

This functional cabbage contains Beta-carotene and Gluconasturtin 34 times more in quantity than regular Chinese cabbage. The anti-cancer efficacy was proved by the ingredient analysis by the Korea Food Research Institute, Chungnam National University, and Silla University. This functional breed is a culmination of 13-year research by a master of seeds in his eagerness to provide a healthy food for the sake of humankind.


Anti-Cancer Leaf for Ssam (Rice and Condiments Wrapped in Various Vegetables)

This is a functional variety that contains a large amount of anti-cancer ingredients with an inhibiting effect on cancer cell growth. Through a – 15-year-long research, Jeil Seed Bio has proven the efficacy of this product to repress growth of cancer cells in liver, colon, and breast, and skin. As a good substitute for lettuce, it provides a slightly bitter but savory taste and crispy texture.

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